Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week Two Winner

Congratulations to Joe for winning week two.  2.22% loss or 4.8 pounds, way to go Joe...  Lets kick it in gear folks, we dont want the same people winning the money each week...

200 Calorie Lunch Options

Thought I would share. ENJOY!!!!!

Carter's Bike Trailer Maiden Voyage

Took the little man on a bike ride last night. I bought this bike trailer/jogger stroller a year ago, used it several times as a stroller, but last night was our first ever bike ride with the little stud. on the keystone trail, I asked him, "are you happy, are you ok?" and he kept saying, "YEAH! I see WATER!" (Papio). And yes, that is Nemo along for the ride :)

good times and a good workout!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Who's with us Tuesday...?

Tuesday after work we are riding the Keystone Trail.  We will start at Democracy Park at 5:15ish and would like to extend the invite to anyone who would like to join us...  So knock the rust off your bike chain and air up the tires and come get some exercise with us....  We'll burn a few calories and make it comfortable for anyone who will join in...  Havent ridden in a long time, ride all the time, in shape, out of shape - It DOESNT matter...  Come enjoy the great spring weather....

320-2179 if you are headed that way and are running a little late, let us know, we'll wait up for you...  :-)

Thanks - BC

(please consider wearing a helmet when you ride)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sedintary Workplace...

Very interesting article... Working In A Call Center Made Me Fat  We are not all considered call center but we ARE a in a VERY sedintary work place...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recipe Share

I invite everyone to come up with a healthy, easy to make, and delicious recipe and post it as a comment to this posting.
My contribution is: Crockpot Posole Tacos
  • Boneless Lean Pork Rib Meat
  • 1 jar of Mrs. Renfro's Salsa Verde
  • Mi Mama's 4 Low Carb Tortillas
Toss the rib meat and the salsa with about 1/4 cup water, in the crockpot. Let cook for 6 hours. Chop up the rib meat, it will easily fall apart at this point. heat up the tortillas, and EAT!!!
they are low carb, high protein, low fat, and DELICIOUS! A tad spicey, for those who like a little flavor! I'm making them tomorrow, I think!

Week One is in the Books

Congratulation to Art Bull for being this weeks big winner with a 3.8% loss, way to go Art, keep up the good work and feel free to stop down anytime to collect your $5 (hope you have change :-) )

We picked up one more person for the contest, Chris Forsythe is back with us and that makes 18 of us.  We lost 61 pounds as a whole and thats the biggest weekly loss ever in the Adaptive Biggest Loser contest - That equates to 1.49% of our total starting weight of 4099.4.  Stick with it folks, work hard and lets see if we can get 62 next week.  Week one is usually the biggest week and there is a drop off for week two BUT, there doesnt have to be.  Do all you can to to make this week successful and we'll see you at the scales next week...

Keep At It - Bc

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Season Two - Week One Weigh In - Just around the corner...


• Hope your week has been going well. Remember we have week one weigh in tomorrow morning. I should be here by 7:45 or so so we can get it done, the earlier the better.

• I’ve updated this email distribution from the first season and we lost several players from last time but gained several this time, welcome to the new folks.

• I am thinking 225 pounds as a group this time wouldn’t be a bad goal. That would be a bit over 13 pounds a person, do you think that’s doable We did 195 last time but had a few who didn’t really contribute much…. WILL YOU BE ONE WHO CONTIRBUTES…?

• I encourage all of you to share your experiences out on the blog and with the group, remember we all share a common goal, lose some weight…

• On a personal note now that the weather is nice I will be riding bicycle outside often and if any of you are at all interested please let me know….

• There’s been discussion of forming a closer support group where we actually meet once or twice a week to talk and discuss where we are at and what’s going on, reply if you’re interested…


Good Luck,

May the FORCE be with you,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is anyone interested joint workouts

As we all know it is a lot easier to workout with a partner than on your own. Especially, if one of those people will power is like a bowl of jelly (like me). Is anyone interested in starting up a workout with me? I am sweet and cuddly and know all the social graces.

The FINALE - Season ONE - BL Contest

Well the first "Season" is finished and we witnessed some AMAZING results.  The winner for this "season" was Kristy Dicky, she lost almost 17% of her starting weight and you can really tell a big difference, she looks great and really worked hard to get her results.  Please congratulate Kristi on her accomplishments, she deserves it.

Joe Jelinek finished second with almost 14% weight loss, not bad for someone who had to be talked into doing the competition, WAY TO GO JOE...

Michelle Richards finished 3rd by losing almost 11% of her weight, now if you dont know Michelle she's one of our smaller participants and for her to accomplish what she did she did work hard and give a great effort.  Michelle, you did great...

Some FACTS about Season ONE
  • Our top 3 lost an amazing 91.8 LBS...
  • As a group we lost 195 pounds for an average of just about 11 pounds per person.
  • 6 of the group dont even weigh 195 pounds, we essentially lost a person...  :-)
  • Our average percentage of weight loss was 4.87%
  • The largest one week losses were 7.8 pounds once and 6.8 pounds on two different occasions
  • The largest one week percentage loss was 3.05%
Season TWO starts today and we look forward to more "slimming" just in time for speedo season...

Good Job, here's to continued success...

Kristi 16.97%
Joe 13.61%
Michelle 10.83%
David 7.77%
Trish 7.70%
Christina 5.04%
Brad 4.13%
Suzy 3.44%
Sue 3.25%
Lindsey 3.16%
Risa 2.58%
Leonard 2.45%
Anita 2.03%
Chris 1.42%
Megan D 0.36%
Beth 0.23%
Kellie 0.56%
Megan H -0.60%

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 11 Results

Well - Here are the week 11 results, people! one week to go!!! then we will take a week or so off and finalize details for PART TWO of anyone interested. more details to come later!
Kristi - 14.36%
Michelle - 11.67%
Joey - 11.64%
Trish - 6.70%
David - 7.54%
Brad - 6.37%
Sue - 4.79%
Christina - 3.75%
Suzy - 2.95%
Leonard - 2.65%
Risa - 2.45%
Anita - 2.40%
Chris - 0.95%
Beth Y - 0.23%
Kellie - 0.00%
Megan D- -0.45%
Megan H - -0.60%

The pot is over $230 - - - - - - :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is INSANITY???

The defination of INSANITY is doing the SAME thing OVER and OVER again and expecting different results.  Think about it, are you insane or are you putting fourth a GOOD effort and making changes in order to reach your goals?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Worst Drive Thru Foods in America

There's a menu to the left to click on things like worst chicken sandwhich, worst cheesburger, worst kids meal, etc. Really eye opening how truly bad for you most fast food is.

Then there's this titled "America's Best Fast-Food Restaurants" that tells you which restaurants have healthier options if you must eat out.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

8th Week Update

ONE MONTH left, and some changes in the rankings! let's make this last month a real competitive one!!!
Kristi 9.92%
Joey 8.97%
Michelle 7.26%
Trish 5.80%
David 5.51%
Christina 3.87%
Brad 3.86%
Sue 3.60%
Risa 3.09%
Leonard 2.75%
Beth 2.50%
Anita 2.33%
Suzy 2.06%
Megan D 1.17%
Kellie 1.12%
Megan H 1.00%
Chris 0.57%
I challenge EVERYONE to set a personal goal for themselved and not to stray from that goal. I know we can do it! GET YOUR BUTTS IN GEAR!!!! :)

Click Here for Tips To Burning Fat & Boosting Metabolism

Thursday, February 25, 2010

7th Week Update

Hey Guys - Here are the rankings-to-date as of yesterday's weigh in. I know that most of us have come a long way - but let's REALLY kick this contest's BUTT and have a bigger loss for next week. For me, i'm hanging my size 6 jeans and a bikini on my living room wall. NEVER gonna wear the bikini, post-Carter, but having it hang on the wall to remind me that summertime is coming and I want to feel and look how I felt and looked LAST summer, is gonna help!

Michelle 8.93%
Kristi 8.18%
Joey 7.63%
Trish 5.13%
David 5.04%
Brad 3.92%
Sue 3.68%
Christina 3.63%
Risa 2.45%
Leonard 2.45%
Beth 2.05%
Suzy 1.87%
Chris 1.52%
Anita 1.35%
Megan D 0.54%
Kellie 0.42%
Megan H -0.50%

Knowledge is POWER....

Here are a few websites that I have come across in my battle of the buldge. Some were more helpful than others, but the main point is, they... in some way, gave me knowledge on being a healthier (and ultimately...happier) person.

I know for's changing my mindset, I now find joy and look forward to gathering with friends to do some physical activity vs. the old me....that would complain about exercise, sweating, exerting too much energy and I'd find joy in eating/drinking too much.
Good luck with this journey!!! We all are on the right track. (maybe moving a bit slow but definitely headed in the right direction!!!!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OK. I'll admit. I haven't had any major revelations or anything, but i'm sick of being overweight, feeling chubby and havign to squeeze into my jeans. WHAT on EARTH is gonna make me actually FOLLOW THROUGH and get off my BUTT and get into gear with this contest? I have NO clue..but I"m willing to try. I'm sick and tired, of being sick...and tired...and moody... and overweight. I want to feel encouraged and and I want sunlight and I want SPRINGTIME and SUMMER!!! however, i definitely DO NOT want summer to arrive, and i can't fit into any of those new summer clothes i bought last year, when i lost 20lbs...b/c now its back, and i'm only 5 down, need to lose 15 more....SO thats gonna be my motivation THIS week....findYOUR motivation!!!!!! Let's really WOW the masses by having a HUGE number next week....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Anyone Got ANYTHING Left?

Feeling really run down and tired of being good, need some inspiration today...  Any happy thoughts would be appreciated.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 Weeks Down, ONLY 6 Weeks to Go

Well, were at the halfway point now and the up to date results are listed below...  My attempted motivational challenge aparently backfired as our group LOST a grand total of 2.6 pounds last week...  Hummmm - Time to kick in into gear!  Focus, SELF Motivation, Determination, Desire....

Kristi 8.44%
Michelle 7.14%
Joey 6.92%
Trish 4.58%
David 4.41%
Brad 4.30%
Lindsey 3.16%
Anita 2.70%
Sue 2.40%
Beth 2.05%
Christina 1.88%
Leonard 1.86%
Kellie 1.68%
Risa 1.68%
Suzy 1.57%
Chris 1.42%
Megan D 0.45%
Megan H -0.30%

Good Luck

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who wants a PIECE of the ACTION?????

OKAY, trying to motivate myself and you more.  Some of us are doing well and some not so well.  Probably we all could be doing better or maybe not for a couple of you guys currently leading the pack....

HERE is the challenge...  I am willing to put up up to $5 ($1 to $5) of my own COLD HARD CASH against any/each/all of you next week.  Simple, you have a better percentage you win the bet, I have a better percenage I win the bet.  (Must weigh an on Wednesday morning as usual)  Any TAKERS...  Its TIME to make some BIG progress this week...

If you're ready for the challengeo then make a comment on here or email the GROUP with your wager...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Changes!

Well fellow Losers!!! I've actually ATTEMPTED to make change this past week. i've worked out, been more strict on my food, and drank plenty of water! I have been scolded for saying, "I hope I've lost weight this week" I'm going to say, "I KNOW I've made a difference this week!!!" Hope you have too! Risa

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who didn't eat well for Superbowl Sunday?

I had pizza and wings during the game. :( However, I did eat very light during the day knowing that I would probably not eat well for game time. Who else ruined their diet during the big game?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 4 - Kristi Jumps Up and Says TAKE THAT....

Congratulations Kristi for moving past 5% weight loss, way to go girl... 

AS FAR as the rest of the group goes some did okay but it wasnt our greatest colaborative effort as we lost a total of 6 lbs this week as a group BUT we have lost aver 107 lbs so far in this contest.

Its time to push it a bit if you really are concerned about taking off those extra pounds, lets shoot for 25 as a team again next week and we'll all be back on the right track...

Totals after 4 weeks of the contest:

Kristi     5.05%
Michelle  5.00%
Joe          4.41%
Trish        3.79%
David       3.71%
Brad         3.54%
Christina    3.52%
Lindsey     2.83%
Beth         2.42%
Suzy        2.26%
Sue         1.97%
Chris       1.90%
Kellie      1.82%
Megan D  1.62%
Megan H  1.20%
Leonard    1.08%
Anita         0.68%
Risa          0.13%

Lets get after it this week...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's get in gear!!!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a HARD TIME getting my butt in gear...i'm SO LAZY. I WAS sick last week, but that doesn't excuse the first couple weeks of SLACKING!!!!
my goal is to PUNISH myself, by increasing workouts, and making sure i punish myself if i skip a workout!!!
I have ambitions to go to the gym tomorrow morning before work. I'm talking like 5am. I have a deal with Sue, that if I do NOT do this plan, if I do NOT follow thru (my biggest hangup), then I will drop and give her 20 pushups right by her desk, as my punishment......
We'll see what happens!!!!
Here's to motivation!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 3 - We have a new leader in the Clubhouse...

Congratulations to this weeks winner Michelle.  She jumped from 6th place in the standings all the way to the lead with over a 2% loss for the week.  Way to go Michelle, you ROCK...  Its IS still anybody's game at this point in the contest its just a matter of WHO wants it...

Michelle     4.29%
Kristi         4.09%
Joey           3.93%
David         3.42%
Brad          3.05%
Beth           3.03%
Trish          3.01%
Suzy           2.65%
Lindsey       2.50%
Anita           2.33%
Sue             2.31%
Megan H    2.00%
Christina     1.64%
Chris          1.61%
Leonard     1.47%
Kellie         0.84%
Risa           0.64%
Megan D    0.63%

AVERAGE Percentage Lost after 3 weeks -  2.53%

Keep After IT...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cake is for the Weak!

An occasional treat is okay, but eating something bad for you just because it's readily available is one of the reasons why we all have weight to lose!

Don't give into the cake temptation! Tomorrow is our next weigh-in!

(Though I really liked Risa's idea of having next month's cake served on a Thursday...)

I really didn't do any better. After avoiding the cake... I chowed down on enough almonds and raisin mix that I'm sure I ate more calories than what is in a small piece of cake. Replacing bad snacks for good doesn't always help!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Eating Out...

Hope you all had a successful weekend, I know its tough at times especially when eating out but I did find something I wanted to share with all of you.  Applebee's does a pretty good job catering to those who are trying to be healthiet, their menu has heart healty items and right now their newest offering is their "Under 550 Calories" menu.  They offer 5 different entrees all with under 550 calories.  I had the Asiago Peppercorn Steak this weekend.  The plate was definately bigger than the food BUT, it was tasty and prepared well.  I encourage all of you to study the menu when you eat out and make good choices for yourself.  Although I did have a beer with dinner it was actually kind of nice to not leave the restraunt feeling gourged and full.  I was satisfied and although it took a bit of willpower it all turned out for the best...

Here is the link for these menu items...

Keep After It...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 2 Update

Congrats on week 2 winner – David with a 2.26% loss… We lost 25.6 pounds as a team in week 2 bringing our total to exactly 75 lbs in two weeks, pretty darn good…

Everyone seemed to be worried this week as they stepped on the scale, let’s work hard this week so there isn’t any worry next week…

Here are the standings after two weeks.

Name           %
Beth             3.71%
Megan H      2.50%
Brad             2.50%
Kristi            2.44%
Joey             2.44%
Michelle       2.26%
David           2.26%
Sue              2.23%
Lindsey        2.18%
Suzy             1.97%
Risa              1.93%
Anita             1.73%
Trish              0.89%
Leonard         0.78%
Kellie             0.70%
Megan D        0.54%
Chris              0.38%
Christina         0.35%
Avg               1.87%

Keep after it....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all????

OK - so it was looking a little grim for a few folks who said they shot their diet to hell the past week!! HOWEVER - we've had the majority of the group weigh in, and so far, no gains!!! Most people lost, with a few people maintaining! anything NOT a gain, is a victory, remember that....! An update of total weightloss will be added to the blog when we get all our weigh-ins! (some people are out today, or just simply not in 'yet').
MORE to come!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


This is a SUPER BLT, I think they might have held the L and the T....have a good weekend, everybody, and remember, there's NO calories in pictures.....

Emotional Eating - A Battle not always won!!!!

I don't know about the rest of you - please feel free to chime in - but I "stress eat"....and its HARD to fight the urge....When I get upset or stressed, I get in this 'mood' of "SCREW IT", and I make the stressor, the reason that its Okay for me to ruin the diet and just eat whatever the heck I feel like. This time of year is SO hard to feel energetic or happy - with the "winter blues" and the "winter blahs" - I don't want to stay on track! I want to snack, and nap!!!
Needless to say - I stress ate last night. wasn't really a BAD food i chose to eat, I just ate TOO MUCH of it....and then of course, who felt too full and miserable to work out? ME!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

HEY, way to go...

Even though this is a competition I still consider us all on the same team because we all want the same thing in the end, to drop some weight and become healthier...  WITH THAT said I want to tell you all that 50 pounds lost as a group is no laughing matter, you guys ROCK...  You know 50 pounds is a LOT of weight.

A gallon of milk weighs a little more than eight pounds so that means we lost the equivalent of just over 6 gallons of milk.  Ever put two gallons of milk in your hand and try to carry them, its heavy...

I am sure some of you may have kids weighing around 50 pounds or less, if so we LOST them...

How about lets hit at lest 50 again this week, I know we can do it...

Keep Working Hard - BC

Congrats to the individual week one winner - 2.58% lost :-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Carbs or no Carbs

So this doctor I met talked about weight loss and other things and he was saying that as your day progresses, you should start to cut back on your carb intake. I knew that lunch should be the biggest meal of the day but he also suggested that if you sit on your butt all day in front of a computer that you should scale back some of the carbs as well. Why? Well, carbs are used by our bodies to energize us. If we are not very active, we don't burn as many of those calories we just woofed down. Carbs are converted to calories and we know what that gets converted to---fat. Don't misunderstand, our bodies need "Carbs", we just don't need as much as that painter, electrician or cashier who may be on their feet all day. So enjoy your muffin, biscuit, or toast. Just make sure you cut back or work it off later.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Weigh IN....

I'm really looking forward to our first weigh in. I, also have seen struggling with illness for the past week and lacking the energy to work out as much as I should...but as Brad said's MORE than what I have been doing and I should be proud of making positive changes and not keep beating myself up because I haven't reached my fullest potential. As long as I am moving forward, I have nothing to be disapppointed about :)

Good Luck - First Weigh In Tomorrow

I hope everyone has had a good first week, the dreaded weigh in is tomorrow so good luck.  Its been a decent week on my end, havent worked out as much as I would have liked but was sick for a couple of days and will work out again tonight so that will make 2.5 work outs since our initial weigh in which is 2.5 more than I had in the last three months.  Nutrition has been pretty good, been close to where I want to be with my food intake but havent had enough water, we'll see what the scale says tomorrow. 

PLEASE share with the rest of the group how you are doing, we want to know...

Good Luck and Keep AFTER It...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Raise your hand if you think 45 calorie bread is pointless?

Ok, so I thought I would share my latest find. Don't know about you but 45 calorie bread just doesn't cut it for me. I might as well be eating styrofoam. So on my search for something with a little more oomph when making a sandwich I found Oroweat Sandwich Thins. Only 100 calories, high in fiber, 0 trans fats,no high fructose corn syrup and they don't taste like saw dust either. I've also heard Pepperidge Farm has a similar product that is just as good, too. Enjoy! Hope you are all doing well on your weightloss journey. Good luck to everyone this week!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

HAHAHAHA - Mental WARFARE has begun I see...

This was WAY too funny, thought you all would get a kick out of it....  :-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Snow days are not so good for the diet. Hope you are all doing better than me. *sigh* Tomorrow is a new day!

Are YOU getting enough Water?

"Top 4 Benefits of Drinking Water" by Michele Silence, MA

Everyone’s heard how important it is to drink enough water. Especially in the hot summer months. But is it really that necessary? Absolutely. This nutrient is vital to health in numerous ways, and the health benefits of drinking water cannot be underestimated.

1. Drinking water enhances fat loss
Water is an essential nutrient. All chemical reactions in the body depend upon it. If you’re trying to
lose weight, this can’t be ignored. You won’t be able to lose weight without water to flush out the by-products of fat breakdown. When there isn’t enough water to dilute the body’s waste products, kidney stones may form. When the kidneys aren’t working to their full potential, the liver must step in and help. Once this happens the liver can’t optimally perform its other important functions. As a result, burning fat has to wait.

2. Combat ailments by drinking more water
In many cases, fatigue, headaches and back pain may be caused by dehydration. If you suffer from an afternoon nod off, try drinking more water at lunch. If you or your children complain of frequent headaches, the amount of water you’re drinking could be responsible. And, muscle spasms are also caused by not being adequately hydrated.

3. Drinking water can reduce hunger
Experts say that
hunger pangs are often misinterpreted cravings for water. Try drinking water before your regular meals and see if it helps you cut down on the amount of food you eat. It really works as an effective appetite suppressant. Avoid counting tea, coffee, sodas and juices in your fluid intake. Coffee and tea contain caffeine which has a diuretic effect and makes you lose water. Sodas and juices are too sweet—because the body must dilute them, they cause more dehydration.

4. Look younger - drinking water hydrates your skin
When the skin is properly hydrated, it looks plump and more radiant. Water will keep the toxins flushed out and help you to cool off through perspiration. Muscles need to have enough water to make them look full too. Deprive yourself of water and you’ll see the difference in the mirror.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Congratulations all Wanna-be Losers!!!

Truthfully - hopping on that scale was the first step, and it was a HARD ONE. But everyone should be proud of taking that first step beyond all nerves and reservations they have about sharing their weight with another person. We have an AMAZING 19 people signed up for our BL competition. NINETEEN PEOPLE!!! thats $190 minimum cash pot right now!
When the remaining couple of people have weighed in, who aren't here today, do - I'll send our group pounds total, and average and start weigh range, so we can all checkout our competition.

Here's to lower numbers every week!!!

Today is the DAY!!!!!!!

First weigh in was today!! Wow, it's hard to see that number but sooo motivating and I'm really looking forward to losing the 25 pounds that I've gained over the past year. I haven't weighed this much since I was pregnant. Ugh. That is hard to admit but soo, sooo true!! Anyway, good luck to my fellow co-workers on being successful!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Exercise at the Office

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows they can access the exercixe room and locker room here at the office for working out.  If you do not currently have access please contact your immediate supervisor or Sandy Soukoup for your authorization... 

Also, good luck to everyone, lets make 2K10 a great year for our health...
Ok bring on the reubens, donuts, pizza, and buffalo wings before Wednesday.