Thursday, December 31, 2009

Please Join Us!

We will be having our Kickoff Weigh-in on the morning of Wednesday January 6th. All weights must be witnessed by either Brad Clements or myself, for tracking purposes! We'll determine a time for most of us to weigh in, next week. I realize some folks have more intense schedules, so we'll figure it out come Wednesday. No Worries! If you are out off office this date, you can have your first weigh-in on Thurs. Jan 7th.
Remember - weight is just a number. And we all want our numbers to change!
Let's show that scale who's boss!!!

P.S. - I also want to remind everyone that although this is NOT a work-sponsored event, we are a work 'group', and should make sure any posts or comments, user names are work-appropriate and respectful of every member of this group! this is meant to be a positive experience!