Thursday, February 25, 2010

7th Week Update

Hey Guys - Here are the rankings-to-date as of yesterday's weigh in. I know that most of us have come a long way - but let's REALLY kick this contest's BUTT and have a bigger loss for next week. For me, i'm hanging my size 6 jeans and a bikini on my living room wall. NEVER gonna wear the bikini, post-Carter, but having it hang on the wall to remind me that summertime is coming and I want to feel and look how I felt and looked LAST summer, is gonna help!

Michelle 8.93%
Kristi 8.18%
Joey 7.63%
Trish 5.13%
David 5.04%
Brad 3.92%
Sue 3.68%
Christina 3.63%
Risa 2.45%
Leonard 2.45%
Beth 2.05%
Suzy 1.87%
Chris 1.52%
Anita 1.35%
Megan D 0.54%
Kellie 0.42%
Megan H -0.50%

Knowledge is POWER....

Here are a few websites that I have come across in my battle of the buldge. Some were more helpful than others, but the main point is, they... in some way, gave me knowledge on being a healthier (and ultimately...happier) person.

I know for's changing my mindset, I now find joy and look forward to gathering with friends to do some physical activity vs. the old me....that would complain about exercise, sweating, exerting too much energy and I'd find joy in eating/drinking too much.
Good luck with this journey!!! We all are on the right track. (maybe moving a bit slow but definitely headed in the right direction!!!!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OK. I'll admit. I haven't had any major revelations or anything, but i'm sick of being overweight, feeling chubby and havign to squeeze into my jeans. WHAT on EARTH is gonna make me actually FOLLOW THROUGH and get off my BUTT and get into gear with this contest? I have NO clue..but I"m willing to try. I'm sick and tired, of being sick...and tired...and moody... and overweight. I want to feel encouraged and and I want sunlight and I want SPRINGTIME and SUMMER!!! however, i definitely DO NOT want summer to arrive, and i can't fit into any of those new summer clothes i bought last year, when i lost 20lbs...b/c now its back, and i'm only 5 down, need to lose 15 more....SO thats gonna be my motivation THIS week....findYOUR motivation!!!!!! Let's really WOW the masses by having a HUGE number next week....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Anyone Got ANYTHING Left?

Feeling really run down and tired of being good, need some inspiration today...  Any happy thoughts would be appreciated.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 Weeks Down, ONLY 6 Weeks to Go

Well, were at the halfway point now and the up to date results are listed below...  My attempted motivational challenge aparently backfired as our group LOST a grand total of 2.6 pounds last week...  Hummmm - Time to kick in into gear!  Focus, SELF Motivation, Determination, Desire....

Kristi 8.44%
Michelle 7.14%
Joey 6.92%
Trish 4.58%
David 4.41%
Brad 4.30%
Lindsey 3.16%
Anita 2.70%
Sue 2.40%
Beth 2.05%
Christina 1.88%
Leonard 1.86%
Kellie 1.68%
Risa 1.68%
Suzy 1.57%
Chris 1.42%
Megan D 0.45%
Megan H -0.30%

Good Luck

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who wants a PIECE of the ACTION?????

OKAY, trying to motivate myself and you more.  Some of us are doing well and some not so well.  Probably we all could be doing better or maybe not for a couple of you guys currently leading the pack....

HERE is the challenge...  I am willing to put up up to $5 ($1 to $5) of my own COLD HARD CASH against any/each/all of you next week.  Simple, you have a better percentage you win the bet, I have a better percenage I win the bet.  (Must weigh an on Wednesday morning as usual)  Any TAKERS...  Its TIME to make some BIG progress this week...

If you're ready for the challengeo then make a comment on here or email the GROUP with your wager...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Changes!

Well fellow Losers!!! I've actually ATTEMPTED to make change this past week. i've worked out, been more strict on my food, and drank plenty of water! I have been scolded for saying, "I hope I've lost weight this week" I'm going to say, "I KNOW I've made a difference this week!!!" Hope you have too! Risa

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who didn't eat well for Superbowl Sunday?

I had pizza and wings during the game. :( However, I did eat very light during the day knowing that I would probably not eat well for game time. Who else ruined their diet during the big game?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 4 - Kristi Jumps Up and Says TAKE THAT....

Congratulations Kristi for moving past 5% weight loss, way to go girl... 

AS FAR as the rest of the group goes some did okay but it wasnt our greatest colaborative effort as we lost a total of 6 lbs this week as a group BUT we have lost aver 107 lbs so far in this contest.

Its time to push it a bit if you really are concerned about taking off those extra pounds, lets shoot for 25 as a team again next week and we'll all be back on the right track...

Totals after 4 weeks of the contest:

Kristi     5.05%
Michelle  5.00%
Joe          4.41%
Trish        3.79%
David       3.71%
Brad         3.54%
Christina    3.52%
Lindsey     2.83%
Beth         2.42%
Suzy        2.26%
Sue         1.97%
Chris       1.90%
Kellie      1.82%
Megan D  1.62%
Megan H  1.20%
Leonard    1.08%
Anita         0.68%
Risa          0.13%

Lets get after it this week...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's get in gear!!!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a HARD TIME getting my butt in gear...i'm SO LAZY. I WAS sick last week, but that doesn't excuse the first couple weeks of SLACKING!!!!
my goal is to PUNISH myself, by increasing workouts, and making sure i punish myself if i skip a workout!!!
I have ambitions to go to the gym tomorrow morning before work. I'm talking like 5am. I have a deal with Sue, that if I do NOT do this plan, if I do NOT follow thru (my biggest hangup), then I will drop and give her 20 pushups right by her desk, as my punishment......
We'll see what happens!!!!
Here's to motivation!!!!!