Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Season Two - Week One Weigh In - Just around the corner...


• Hope your week has been going well. Remember we have week one weigh in tomorrow morning. I should be here by 7:45 or so so we can get it done, the earlier the better.

• I’ve updated this email distribution from the first season and we lost several players from last time but gained several this time, welcome to the new folks.

• I am thinking 225 pounds as a group this time wouldn’t be a bad goal. That would be a bit over 13 pounds a person, do you think that’s doable We did 195 last time but had a few who didn’t really contribute much…. WILL YOU BE ONE WHO CONTIRBUTES…?

• I encourage all of you to share your experiences out on the blog and with the group, remember we all share a common goal, lose some weight…

• On a personal note now that the weather is nice I will be riding bicycle outside often and if any of you are at all interested please let me know….

• There’s been discussion of forming a closer support group where we actually meet once or twice a week to talk and discuss where we are at and what’s going on, reply if you’re interested…


Good Luck,

May the FORCE be with you,


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