Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The FINALE - Season ONE - BL Contest

Well the first "Season" is finished and we witnessed some AMAZING results.  The winner for this "season" was Kristy Dicky, she lost almost 17% of her starting weight and you can really tell a big difference, she looks great and really worked hard to get her results.  Please congratulate Kristi on her accomplishments, she deserves it.

Joe Jelinek finished second with almost 14% weight loss, not bad for someone who had to be talked into doing the competition, WAY TO GO JOE...

Michelle Richards finished 3rd by losing almost 11% of her weight, now if you dont know Michelle she's one of our smaller participants and for her to accomplish what she did she did work hard and give a great effort.  Michelle, you did great...

Some FACTS about Season ONE
  • Our top 3 lost an amazing 91.8 LBS...
  • As a group we lost 195 pounds for an average of just about 11 pounds per person.
  • 6 of the group dont even weigh 195 pounds, we essentially lost a person...  :-)
  • Our average percentage of weight loss was 4.87%
  • The largest one week losses were 7.8 pounds once and 6.8 pounds on two different occasions
  • The largest one week percentage loss was 3.05%
Season TWO starts today and we look forward to more "slimming" just in time for speedo season...

Good Job, here's to continued success...

Kristi 16.97%
Joe 13.61%
Michelle 10.83%
David 7.77%
Trish 7.70%
Christina 5.04%
Brad 4.13%
Suzy 3.44%
Sue 3.25%
Lindsey 3.16%
Risa 2.58%
Leonard 2.45%
Anita 2.03%
Chris 1.42%
Megan D 0.36%
Beth 0.23%
Kellie 0.56%
Megan H -0.60%

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