Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week One is in the Books

Congratulation to Art Bull for being this weeks big winner with a 3.8% loss, way to go Art, keep up the good work and feel free to stop down anytime to collect your $5 (hope you have change :-) )

We picked up one more person for the contest, Chris Forsythe is back with us and that makes 18 of us.  We lost 61 pounds as a whole and thats the biggest weekly loss ever in the Adaptive Biggest Loser contest - That equates to 1.49% of our total starting weight of 4099.4.  Stick with it folks, work hard and lets see if we can get 62 next week.  Week one is usually the biggest week and there is a drop off for week two BUT, there doesnt have to be.  Do all you can to to make this week successful and we'll see you at the scales next week...

Keep At It - Bc

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